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Skin Biopsy at Paragon Dermatology

Understanding Biopsy: A Diagnostic Tool for Precise Healthcare

A biopsy is a crucial diagnostic procedure employed to investigate various medical conditions, extending beyond cancer cases. It involves the removal of a tissue sample for laboratory examination, enabling accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans. Paragon Dermatology recognizes the significance of biopsies in achieving precise healthcare solutions.

The Biopsy Process

Tissue Sample Collection: During a biopsy, a sample of tissue is extracted from the affected area. This could be the skin, in the case of dermatological concerns, or other bodily tissues depending on the medical condition.
Laboratory Examination: The collected tissue sample is sent to a pathologist for in-depth examination. The pathologist prepares a detailed report with information crucial for proper condition management.

Types of Biopsies:

Shave Biopsy: A "shave" biopsy involves slicing off a surface portion with a blade. Alternatively, a "curette" may be used to scrape off the surface. This technique is often employed to remove small growths while simultaneously confirming their nature.
Punch Biopsy: Dermatologists frequently use a "punch" biopsy to sample skin rashes and small masses. After local anesthetic administration, a biopsy punch, resembling a small cookie cutter (1 to 4 mm in diameter), is used to cut out a cylindrical piece of skin. The resulting hole is typically closed with a suture, promoting minimal scarring during the healing process.

Communication of Pathology Results

● Pathology results for biopsies can take 1-2 weeks to return.● Abnormal/malignant pathology results (i.e. basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, actinic keratosis, etc) will be communicated to you by telephone within 2 weeks.

Types of Biopsies:

*Please note** the purpose of the notification call is to briefly inform you of the results and schedule a follow-up appointment to further discuss and review treatment options with your provider.
Pathology results for benign lesions (i.e. seborrheic keratosis, compound nevus, or any other that does not require additional treatment) will be posted to your portal.
If it’s been 2 weeks and you have not heard from our office about your results and the results are not on your portal, please call our office at (360) 681-6900