Cyst Excision

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Skin Excision at Paragon Dermatology

Cyst Excision: Precision and Healing

At Paragon Dermatology, our Cyst Excision procedure offers a precise and straightforward solution for the removal of skin growths, lesions, tumors, and moles. This shave excision method ensures a meticulous approach to enhance your skin's health and appearance.

Procedure Overview:

Shave excision is a simple procedure done to remove growths such as lesions, tumors, and moles on the skin. The growth is removed with a sharp razor blade and soothed with antibiotic ointment to encourage healing. Sometimes an electrode is used to “feather” the edges and make the scar less noticeable.

Trust Paragon Dermatology for Cyst Excision, where precision meets healing. Schedule a consultation to explore how our expert dermatologists can enhance your skin health with this simple yet effective procedure.