Paragon Dermatology Patient Forms

Patient Forms, Click to download

Listed on the left are Patient forms that can be downloaded, filled out, printed, and returned to our office.
Some of these forms are "Interactive". You can tell whether a PDF file is interactive if, when you open the file, there are highlights (usually pale blue) over the fields that you can interact with. When you click one of these highlights, something will happen - eg. for a text field, a cursor will appear.

What can interactive PDFs do?

An interactive PDF allows you to type directly into the form fields in the electronic PDF file. You can also save a completed version to your computer, or email it to others.

Here are some ways this can save you time:

Make sure you have the latest (free) Adobe Reader software. To take advantage of the full functionality of interactive PDF format, you will need to ensure you have an up-to-date version of the free Adobe Reader software installed on your computer.

Adobe Reader is free to download from Adobe Acrobat Reader.